Cheap labour, shipping plus other incentives drove most of UK manufacturing out in the 80’s and 90’s meaning people lost their jobs and skills were lost. What came out of loosing UK manufacturing? It was the beginning of fast fashion.

A global trend that made a generation loose respect for their clothing. From shoes that last a month to single use plastic jewellery – every one of us has a responsibility to understand the importance of our seemingly small decisions. These small actions can make a difference, we can invest in our country, we can support each other and most importantly we can ethically and responsibly manufacture on our soil. Now more than ever we will need to support each other. Our calling may not be national service, but it may give someone the support they need in this time of hardship.

We are watching people loose their jobs all over again, with the threat of a recession imminent I believe you do not have to helplessly sit and watch, neither do we have to harm the planet to stimulate our economy. The natural flow of humanity is a positive one and every cloud has a silver lining.

Where big chains are moving off the high street, small independents are moving in. Children are educating their parents regarding climate change and more people than ever are understanding the impact of the meat industry. It is hard to comprehend the amount of disposable objects we go through as a nation and it’s even harder to understand why systems that are intended to benefit our planet are undermined but it’s is our duty to live in hope. Hope we can do better. Hope we can show better and hope that we can be better.

Matty, Co-Founder.

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