Customer Stories - Danielle Tighe

Customer Stories - Danielle Tighe

Why did you get into BJJ?

I started Jiu jitsu around three and half years ago, when an MMA gym opened literally at the end of the road. I used to walk past and look through the windows wondering what they were doing.

At the time I was lacking in self-confidence, but eventually decided to walk in, not past. It has honestly turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made. Jiujitsu has opened so many doors for me and ignited a passion.

The pinnacle (so far) of my jiu jitsu journey happened last year when I won gold at the euros and was promoted to purple belt whilst on the podium. That’s something I’ll never forget; the atmosphere was electric!

Where do you see yourself going with BJJ? For me going forward I want to continue travelling to compete and train, broadening my own game and encourage other females to start jiujitsu!

What is one thing you love about the Inner Chimp brand?

I loves Inner Chimp’s ethos and helping save the sea!

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