Customer Stories - Stef Sanna

by Inner Chimp on January 26, 2021

It's our customer story time! Meet Stef Sanna, AKA a member of the Inner Chimp gang!

Hi, I'm Stef.

Yes you are right I'm that cool Italian model that you see in these awesome INNER-CHIMP RASH-GUARDS.

Anyway, I started my BJJ journey in 2014, doing MMA actually.

I started for fun and to get back inTo shape, BEcause i wasn't as good looking as I am now, but as soon as i started to see the results on my body shape and to feel a strong passion for the sport and everything around it, I decided to compete.

My first grappling tournament was in 2015, for the Italian Federation FIGMMA, but my goal wasn't Jiu Jitsu or grappling. I was Training for my first MMA match that I've competed in and unfortunately lost back in 2016.

After the fight I understood that MMA wasn't my sport and I decided to focus on BJJ and here i am, training at Gracie Barra Street and planning to make Jiu Jitsu my living! I left my nursing career (the main reason why i came here to the uk 2 yrs ago) in order to stay focused on BJJ.

Now I'm a certified Gracie Barra coach plus I'm studying to become a PT and a Nutritionist, so basically this sport has completely changed my life!

I don't know what this journey will bring me, but I'm sure it will be amazing!

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