Fuck Black Friday

Fuck Black Friday

Creates Waste

“This shopping binge generates greater volumes of waste than ever. This dangerous trend is harming our planet. We buy without thinking for a minute, but the waste we create will sometimes last for centuries” Chiara Campione – Greenpeace.

82,000 diesel vans and trucks are on the road during this period mainly because of companies short delivery times. This in turn contributes pollution as well as packaging which flood recycling centres and can end up in landfill. Even if we stay on the current trends of increasing recycling and incineration rates, we will have doubled the amount of plastic waste discarded since 1950 in the next 20 years. We must think about reusing or recycling so valuable carbon intensive materials are not worthlessly thrown away.

The easiest way to not add to this problem is to not buy that product made of plastic or packaged in plastic. It’s easier said than done in this day and age where everything seems to be made of it, but we must demand better with our wallets and maybe even our local ‘recycling centres’

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