Jay - Co - Founder on launching Inner Chimp

Jay - Co - Founder on launching Inner Chimp

Inner Chimp, In my mind, was always going to be a side Hussle; maybe produce a rashguard design and possibly some shorts to sell to friends and BJJ acquaintances.

I had a few apps on my phone that I played about with and produced some good designs.

Once I introduced Matty to the idea, things went a whole different direction and with his business contacts, that small idea grew wings and quickly started to take off.

A year down the line (Thanks to COVID) we now have a UK production team, work with artists all over Europe, have 3 designs out and up for sale with several new designs in the pipe line. That initial idea of a rashguard has manifested itself into a sports brand clothing range, ranging from hoodies all the way down to socks and everything in between (literally) we have so many ideas, and we have the means to make the happen.

We’ve been pretty hard over on the ethical side of production and have tried our best not to compromise the brand with respects to our carbon footprint and how we use our materials. To us it’s a big thing and something we believe, as a small production/retailer start up business, we are obligated to care about.

All in all, this has been a massive learning curve for me as an individual who’s exposer to the business side of this venture has been less than limited. A real Eye opener as to what goes on behind the scenes in all aspects from design, production and marketing and I’m super keen to continue learning as this business grows from strength to strength.   

We have goals and aspirations for Inner Chimp as a brand that far exceed simply selling a clothing range and making a profit; We are UK based, UK manufactured, Eco friendly and offer you the chance to be as well, without compromising on quality. We did all this through a global pandemic. If we can do it EVERYONE can!!  

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